Commercial Real Estate Market

Market intelligence in investment property is the foundation of your success in converting commercial real estate listings and then ultimately closing on investment property sales and leasing deals. Property owners and landlords like to see a degree of competence in market awareness and knowledge in the agents and brokers that they work with. This market intelligence can become your point of difference as an agent or broker.Your focus should be in bringing tools and tactics to the client that they can use and short-circuit the sales or leasing process.So How Do You Start to Capture the Key Market Intelligence?When finding and building your information sources on commercial property for value, rental, or appraisal purposes, you need to know the sources of your information are accurate and reliable. It is also wise to regularly gather market intelligence from a diverse selection of sources and compare the information.

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Collation of the information into an spreadsheet is both easy and recommended. Historic information can then be suitably archived and accessed as required. Many agents use this information as a point of influence with clients and prospects.Normally your sources of information in commercial investment property will be –Title records regards the ownership of the property
Council records for the property itself together with the precinct
Town plans for property zoning
Road plans and highway configurations
Lease documents including both registered and unregistered documents
Tenancy schedules from other properties
Information gathered from enquiring parties in other property campaigns
Survey plans for the property and the precinct
Other real estate agents active in commercial property locally
Valuers who are active in commercial property locally
Business brokers who are active in commercial property locally
Sales listings in the area including the properties being marketed, time on market, and the sale results achieved
Lease listings in the area including the property is being marketed, time on market, and the actual rental rates achieved
Supply and demand of space to lease or occupy in the local area
New developments planned, approved, or underway
Achieved historic sales and leasing deals in the area including an analysis of price per square metre and rental per square metre
Outgoings costs by property type and location
Architects and engineers that know properties locally
Property related professionals such as solicitors and accountants
Your own sales records from past history and market intelligence
Tenancy schedules from other properties that have been scrutinised for accuracy
Other property owners in the precinct
Other tenants in the precinct
Other businesses in the precinct

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From these above sources of information, the data that you gather will give you a powerful advantage in the commercial real estate market. The landlords and tenants of the commercial real estate market always place a high value on information that gives them the edge. Can you help with this process?